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Diapers, Wipes and Lotions, Oh My!

Helping the PCC
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Salt & Light Citizenship Ministry

In 2016 Salt & Light Ministry came to Humboldt County to shed light on cultural issues and help Christians be the preserving salt that leads the lost to Christ. Salt & Light engages biblical citizenship through P-E-T-E-R (Prayer, Education,
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Children of the Day

Just a reminder ladies that we are starting our new Wednesday morning Bible study! It's the new Beth Moore DVD series called "Children of the Day" which is a study of 1
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December 26, 2021

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He Who Loves Me - John 14:15

Welcome to our first blog post! I'm Natalie, aka the pastor's wife and generally the one who gets a crazy idea and runs with it, like this blog!
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Intentional Worship

In the Ladies Ministry we've been talking about worship and what pleases God. Instead of looking into how we worship we've been discussing how we view the Lord when we worship...
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